Qualogy invites you to: Quarkus Meetup | June 23, 2022

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Developing a Java application boring? Not with Quarkus! Quarkus brings back the joy of writing code as a developer. But what exactly is Quarkus? How does it work? And what does it look like in practice? You will find out during this Quarkus Meetup!

About the Quarkus Meetup

During this Meetup of Qualogy you will listen to the inspiring story of Stephane Epardaud, one of the creators of Quarkus. Milo van der Zee and Meindert Deen, senior Java developers, will tell you more about how companies like Albert Heijn apply Quarkus in practice. Finally, Binu Badarudeen will share his experiences with Quarkus within the Qualogy GPS project. There is also plenty of space to network with other Java experts during dinner and drinks.


Date: Thursday, June 23, 2022
Time: from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., including dinner buffet
Location: Startup Village - Science Park 608 1098 XH Amsterdam

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About the speakers

  • Stephane Epardaud
    Passionate hacker in Java, C, Perl or Scheme. A lover of web standards and databases, Stephane implemented, among others, a WYSIWYG XML editor, a multi-threading library in C, a mobile-agent language in Scheme (compiler and virtual machines), and some Web 2.0 RESTful services and rich web interfaces with JavaScript and HTML 5.
  • Milo van der Zee and Meindert Deen
    Are both senior Java developers. Together they have put Quarkus on the map at Albert Heijn. In their duo presentation, they will talk about the problems that Spring-Boot services can cause if you run them in Kubernetes. And they will show how easy it is to migrate to microprofile, in this case: Quarkus.
  • Binu Badarudeen
    Is Tech Lead at Qualogy and involved in the GPS project. GPS stands for General Permit System and facilitates municipalities and their residents to arrange everything concerning permits via one app. In his presentation, Binu will talk about how Quarkus is used in this app.


04.00 p.m.:   walk-in with a drink
04.30 p.m.:   speaker session 1
05.15 p.m.:   speaker session 2
06.00 p.m.:   diner buffet
07.00 p.m.:   speaker session 3
07.45 p.m.:   closing drink

About Quarkus

Developing a Java application does not have to be boring. Did you find yourself wasting several hours to accomplish simple tasks? Quarkus brings back the developer's joy of writing code. See your changes in the blink of an eye? Done! Start a database automagically? Done! Run only the tests affected by your code? Done. Deploy seamlessly to Kubernetes? You got it! Create a native executable? Go get a coffee! Quarkus is all about developer experience. If you want to learn more, we invite you to join this session and rediscover the pleasure of developing Java applications.

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