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Qualogy report Oracle OpenWorld 2019

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From September 16 to September 19, it was time for the largest Oracle event: Oracle OpenWorld 2019. More than 25.000 peers came together to educate themselves on the newest Oracle features, news and developments. Among those 25.000 peers were five colleagues from Qualogy. Four of them share their insights and experiences.

They will tell you what they experienced, what they thought of OpenWorld and most importantly: what new insights and developments they discovered about their field of expertise.

Have fun reading. If you have any questions about one of the reports, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our colleagues.

Qualogy’s colleagues at Oracle OpenWorld

Michel Schildmeijer, area of expertise: WebLogic, Containers and Systems 
Read his report

Eduardo Barra Cordeiro, area of expertise: SOA and Integration 
Read his report

Patrick Barel, area of expertise: Database development 
Read his report

Alfonso Díaz: Java Development
Read his report

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