Qualogy takes on management Oracle environment Eurotransplant

Qualogy takes on management Oracle environment Eurotransplant

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Qualogy will take on the management of the Oracle Database, Oracle Database Appliance and various Oracle Middleware components for Eurotransplant as of January 2020. 

Qualogy is going to manage, improve and renew the Oracle environment of Eurotransplant for a period of at least 4 years. Kees Vianen, manager Qualogy for Support: “This assignment fits perfectly with the service Qualogy provides. Besides the 24/7 management of the Oracle environments, we are going to advise Eurotransplant to improve and renew their infrastructure.”

Making the IT landscape clearer

Qualogy immediately started making Eurotransplant’s IT landscape clearer. The IT service provider also helps the organization protect itself better against calamities. At the same time, the organizations are building a roadmap for the long term together. The goal: improving and renewing the technical infrastructure and the corresponding application landscape.

Peter Branger, managing director Eurotransplant: “Qualogy’s service speaks to us. They think along with us: from idea to operational to management. That is important for the continuity of our service. We have to work quickly and efficiently and we have to be able to trust our own ICT applications.”

About Eurotransplant

Eurotransplant is a service organization for the collaborative transplantation centers, laboratories and donor hospitals in eight countries. They devote themselves 24/7 to making optimal use of donor organs by making the best possible match between donor organ and receiver.


More information?

For more information, please contact Kees Vianen - Manager Qualogy for Support - via 070 319 5000 or send an email to sales@qualogy.com. 

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