Rajeev Kalloe: ‘Personal attention is important as a starter’

Rajeev Kalloe: ‘Personal attention is important as a starter’

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Demand is high and supply is low. If you work in the IT, there are endless jobs to choose from. For the recently graduated Rajeev Kalloe, this was no different. Potential employers were lining up, yet he didn’t need to consider them all. He soon knew: working as a Data Scientist at Qualogy really suits me. Why? Rajeev explains.

Constantly improving

Rajeev knew one thing for sure after his graduation: he wanted to keep learning and improving himself. That is why he primarily looked for development opportunities in a new job. According to Rajeev, that means more than just offering a course. ‘I’m convinced that personal attention and coaching are very important for your professional development. Because it enables you to take steps on both a professional and personal level. Very valuable, especially at the start of your career.’

Internship experience

Qualogy and Rajeev are no strangers. In 2018, Rajeev did his third-year internship at Qualogy for the Software Engineering course. This went so well that he decided to do his second internship at Qualogy as well. ‘There was a great click between my colleagues, the company culture at Qualogy and me,’ says Rajeev. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he pursued a master’s degree in Data Science.

Great atmosphere, personal attention

Rajeev especially noticed the warm and familial work environment that Qualogy offers. ‘There is a real focus on bonding between colleagues, from weekly meetings to regular parties. I noticed this right from the start of my internship. In addition, I received a lot of personal coaching. This makes Qualogy a great place to learn a lot. When choosing a job, I naturally took all those positive experiences into account.’

Many offers

Rajeev received many messages from recruiters after graduating. There was one option he briefly considered: a traineeship in data science, in which he would attend a predetermined program. ‘During my internship at Qualogy, I also competed a training program. I asked myself: to what extent am I going to learn more during this traineeship? I knew I would also learn a lot at Qualogy, without being tied to a fixed program and with room for my own input.’


Aside from educational opportunities and the atmosphere at work, something else stood out for Rajeev: the diversity at Qualogy. ‘The Qualogy team is very international. Colleagues are from all over the world. And Qualogy also has an office in Suriname. However, diversity at Qualogy is more than that. You get the chance to work in different domains, so there is variety there too. We also work for a wide range of clients in various sectors. I find that very interesting.’

Expectations at Qualogy

Diversity, opportunities for development, and a great atmosphere. These are three most important reasons why Rajeev chose Qualogy. But what exactly does Rajeev expect to learn at Qualogy? ‘I hope to gain a lot of practical experience in the months to come. That’s what I want to focus on. Later, I hope to specialize in three different domains: software engineering, data engineering and data science. I don’t know yet in which role or on which project I’ll be able to do that. But I do know that I’m really excited for this new challenge.’

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