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Recap Meet The Oracle Masters

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Last spring was dedicated to the third Meet The Oracle Masters series. Oracle experts provided a live webinar almost every week. Patrick Barel, Senior Oracle Developers and Oracle ACE, looks back on a successful edition: “In addition to knowledge about various Oracle products, participants also learned how to directly apply their knowledge via live demos.”

“I’m proud that we put together another varied program in a short period of time,” says Patrick. “In addition to my own presentation, there were webinars by Oracle Product Manager Jeff Smith, Menno Hoogendijk from the Oracle APEX team, Oracle ACE Director Jim Czuprynski and Oracle ACE Associate and colleague Job Oprel. It was nice to see that attendance was good, also with less familiar names.”  

Know your options

“I found Jim Czuprynski’s presentation on how to quickly process data in a database very enlightening. Although it’s not something I can use immediately, I think it’s important to know what the possibilities are. Without necessarily knowing all the ins and outs. Now you know it’s there, you can put the knowledge to use at the right time.”

I will use this

“Jeff Smith’s presentations did a great job of demonstrating how easy it is to work with JSON in the database in the latest versions. Even if you are still working in version 12.1. It’s useful to know what you currently have to do yourself but will become easier in future versions.”

My presentation

Presenting online takes some getting used to, but Patrick is becoming more and more adept at giving webinars. He explains: “My presentation went pretty well. But it’s still difficult. If you’re presenting live, you can see from your audience’s reaction if everything is clear or if you’re going too fast or too slow. And of course, whether there are any questions. I’m already thinking about a new presentation, with the provisional title: Game, Set, Match. It will be about Joins, Unions and using SQL to solve games.”

Positive response

“I received a lot of positive responses to my presentation. My explanation about the Logger framework clarified matters for participants. A customer told me that after seeing the presentation, they are seriously considering implementing the suggested changes. That does make me happy.”

It's not a true conference

“As wonderful as these online webinars are, I still prefer life presentations. It’s not just about the interaction with the audience. I miss the setting. It’s easier to attend a presentation on subjects you might not be involved in. And you always get new insights during keynotes, discussions in the corridors and conversations over dinner. That’s something that’s missing from online events.  

My dream scenario is a combination of live conferences and webinars. Luckily, the prospects are bright. My first live presentation is scheduled at the POUG in Poland in September. And Qualogy will be providing interesting webinars again this fall.”

Patrick’s wish list

“I would love to see Connor McDonald again at a future edition of Meet The Oracle Masters. Grant Ronald and Keith Laker are also high on my wish list. And I’d also like to invite speakers from other disciplines to give a webinar. From Google, for example. Good news: we are organizing an edition for the entire tech world this fall.”

Preview: Meet The Tech Masters

In conclusion, Patrick adds: “Qualogy has many other areas of expertise besides Oracle expertise. That is why it’s time to expand our offerings. This fall, Qualogy is hosting Meet The Tech Masters, featuring weekly live webinars from IT professionals across the tech world. Want to be the first to know more about the schedule? Let us know here."

Call for papers

Do you also want to share your knowledge with the world, just like Qualogy? Let us know via the call for papers for Meet The Tech Masters. We don’t mind if you’re a novice or an experienced speaker.

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