Reina van Ewijk: “I never thought this trade would suit me so well”

Reina van Ewijk: “I never thought this trade would suit me so well”

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Freshly graduated from the HEAO, Reina van Ewijk was certain about one thing: she didn’t want to be a consultant. And yet, she has been working as a Senior Functional Consultant for Qualogy for 12 years. Reina: “I love how we all work together for our clients.”

At the end of the eighties, Reina was freshly graduated from the HEAO in Haarlem. Back then, she had no idea she would end up in the world of IT. She explains how it went: “My first job was at an international company, working for administrations. Later on, I worked for a software company. I learned a lot about systems ‘on the job’, and even had the opportunity to follow IT courses. That’s when I really got the hang of it.

Especially when I, as a department head, was involved in the conversion of an old ERP system to Oracle. I also fulfilled other roles at this job. Then I worked at Elsevier as an application manager for several years.”

Suit culture

But being a consultant still wasn’t on the table for Reina. “Perhaps my view of the job was pretty one-sided. The suit culture of big consultancy companies did not appeal to me. A recruiter made me reconsider when he talked about smaller consultancy companies with a horizontal organization. That’s how I found Qualogy! The company immediately spoke to me because of the informal atmosphere – without the suits and the blah-blah.”

“Every client is different and has their own charm” Reina van Ewijk

From management to implementation

Thus Reina started as a Senior Functional Consultant for Qualogy in 2008. A role she finds both challenging and enjoyable. Reina: “The job is very versatile. For example, I did a few management jobs, but I also implemented Oracle R12 and upgraded from R11 to R12.

I’m currently working on an assignment for the Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB) in The Hague. We are going to transfer the administration of one of the RVB organizations of SAP to Oracle eBS R12. Very interesting. I also worked for very fun clients such as Allseas and the Erasmus MC. Every client is different and has their own charm. And every assignment has its own challenges. From developing company processes to testing and supervising the end users.”

Hard work

Reina continues about the current project: “My current assignment is really my thing. Though I jumped on a moving train, so to speak. Because I took over the project from a Qualogy colleague, who had found a job elsewhere. It took some getting used to and a lot of hard work. But I was able to quickly familiarize myself with the matter and have everything running smoothly. Now I’m in my element. The positive reactions of the satisfied client and project members are also very rewarding.”

Never anything else

Meanwhile, Reina has been feeling at home at Qualogy for 12 years. And she isn’t thinking of leaving. She says: “We are a team at Qualogy. We’re very driven and committed. It feels like a family. The communication lines are short, everyone is easy to approach and works closely together to achieve the best results for the client. I love how we all work together for our clients.”

“I love how we all work together for our clients” Reina van Ewijk

Broader perspective

How did this strong sense of being team come about? “No company is as diverse as Qualogy. That’s what makes it fun. Though the men-women ratio could be better, but that is an issue for every IT company. Qualogy has colleagues from every experience level, age, and many different nationalities. I’ve always worked for international companies and I never want anything else. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think it gives you a broader perspective, both on your job as well as the world at large.”

IT: a man’s world?

Reina expects that the men-women ratio will improve in the next years. She says: “When people say IT is a man’s world, I will respond by saying that is an outdated view. Maybe I say that because I hope it’s true! Of course, it is a fact that more men than women work in IT. But I do see a change. Multiple of my female friends work in IT, which wasn’t the case in the past.

A great development if you ask me, because a more equal ratio will definitely improve the collaboration and atmosphere. Luckily, my employer thinks so too. I’ve noticed Qualogy is concentrating more on recruiting female colleagues for our team. I’m very positive about the future.”

“No company is as diverse as Qualogy” Reina van Ewijk
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