Renee is living the life: working for Qualogy and living her dream in the south of France

Renee is living the life: working for Qualogy and living her dream in the south of France

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When Renee Kroon started her job as IT recruiter external hire and Salesforce Administrator 10 years ago, she already had a dream: to one day start a holiday resort in France. A dream she has fulfilled and combines with working for Qualogy. Only now, from Cevennes in the south of France.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties. And a good example of good employment practices, mutual trust and listening to the employee’s wishes. Renee still feels part of the Qualogy family, only now from the sunny south of France.

A different life

“My colleagues are pleasantly surprised when, during a digital meeting, they see me working from a sunny terrace at our holiday resort Mas Mialou,” Renee explains enthusiastically. She is living her French dream. When she started at Qualogy, her life was very different. “Back then, I didn’t have any children and I could stick around for a long time at the Friday afternoon drinks. Which sometimes lasted until late in the evening. It was always a lot of fun!”

“The parties, the Friday afternoon drinks and doing fun things with colleagues are still important to me, but I have gained other priorities. As a result, I now find other aspects important: both in my work and what my employer offers me. For example, I really appreciate the fact that I can still dedicate myself to Qualogy from the south of France.”

Developing a department

“I developed the Qualogy Resources department, where we recruit external candidates for assignments and secondments. I delved into Salesforce and automated processes. I was immediately given a lot of freedom and space. This characterizes the work atmosphere at Qualogy: there is a lot of trust. And if you live up to that, a lot is possible.”

“That’s how my position and I grew with the organization. We always looked at what I personally wanted and what was needed to achieve this. This was then always arranged. For example, I took a week-long Salesforce course in the Veluwe region. I had just become a mother, so Qualogy had booked a cottage so my mother could come along and look after the little one during the day. Qualogy always looks at what is needed!” 

Fulfilling a dream

Renee was enjoying her job at Qualogy, but still the French dream remained. “My husband and I eventually decided: we’re just going to do it. After a two-year search, we found the right place. And we have lived here for 3 years now. At work, I was given plenty of room to continue to make my dream a reality.”

“When the move was coming up, I asked if I could work remotely for 24 hours a week. I liked my job and colleagues too much to let them go, and we could use the extra income. Qualogy was open to this idea and we started a six-month trial run. Which was successful, because I’m still working like this today.”

Looking for possibilities

“What makes working at Qualogy so fun and enjoyable? They look for possibilities! My French dream is a great example of this, but it’s also in the little things. You can continue to develop yourself and they adapt to your personal wishes. For example, if you get children and your work-life balance changes. Qualogy looks at what suits you and delivers customized work.”

Feeling involved

“I’m still regularly at the office for a week, so I can keep in touch with the company and my colleagues. I also see some colleagues outside of work to grab a bite to eat, for example. I’ve really made friends there.”

“Recently, two close colleagues of mine visited me for a week-long work session. This was facilitated by Qualogy. In addition to great work sessions, we had a lot of fun together. We made pots and had a delicious meal afterwards. That’s how I stay part of the Qualogy team!”

Renee's husband works as a journalist for the Dutch newspaper AD from the south of France. Last year, he wrote a great story about living in France and working remotely. He also touched upon the corona situation. You can read his story here (Dutch). In addition, he recorded a podcast about the area where they live, which you can listen to here (Dutch).

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