Software Engineer Rajeev Kalloe looks back on graduation internship at Qualogy

Software Engineer Rajeev Kalloe looks back on graduation internship at Qualogy

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Qualogy is proud of Rajeev Kalloe. He successfully completed his bachelor Software Engineering at De Haagse Hogeschool, with a thesis covering the development of Qualogy’s software application CV Management Application. To achieve this, he used the low-code software platform Mendix. Rajeev looks back on his time with Qualogy.

“I’m well familiar with Qualogy: I also completed my third year internship here. That was a pleasant experience, so picking a company for my graduation internship was easy. My thesis subject is the development of Qualogy’s software application CV Management Application. This application offers support for managing CVs, matching consultants to client assignments, and printing CVs in the Qualogy CV template.”

From theory to practice

“Working individually on a software application was one of the requirements for my graduation assignment. Qualogy gave me full rein to do this. Using the Scrum method, I went through the development process. Including daily meeting with all the stakeholders: Account Managers Stergios Vitsas and Danny van Senten, Mendix Manager and my internship supervisor Ammar Al-Jazaeri, and Process Manager Ravi Nair. This enabled the entire project to go smoothly and pleasantly.”

First experience with Mendix

“My university focuses mostly on traditional software development (coding in Java and C#), but Qualogy gave me the opportunity to work with the low-code software platform Mendix. The main goal of my graduation assignment – besides graduating – was producing an application within 17 weeks. The fast application development of Mendix increased the chance for success.

Thanks to Mendix, I developed the application in 8 weeks. I learned that Mendix is an excellent platform for developing efficient business applications, and that it creates the ideal bridge between business and IT. Most of the requirements were easy to realize with the Mendix built-in functions. The others, I implemented using Java.”

Graduating from my attic

“My graduation internship started in February. I was happy to be back in the office. Sadly, it didn’t last long. Because of the corona crisis, I needed to study from home. Though I missed the atmosphere at work and the personal contact with colleagues, working from home went well for me. This was partly thanks to the pleasant and effective way Qualogy facilitated working from home. It enabled me to complete my graduation internship according to plan.”

Fun and informative experience

“With Qualogy’s help, I was able to make the transition from theory to practice. The information, knowledge, and skill I gained are essential for me as a software developer. During my graduation internship, I got to experience in detail how developing a software application really works: from scratch to release.

I had a fun and informative internship at Qualogy. This experience will no doubt help me in the future.”

What comes next?

“After graduating as a bachelor, I want to do the master’s program Data Science. During my bachelor, I already took the Data Science minor for 5 months, which greatly increased my interest in the field. It would be super interesting to delve deeper into the subject!”

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