SpringOne Platform: highlights and new developments

SpringOne Platform: highlights and new developments

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Looking for a good way to spend your work bonus? Why not follow Erwin Manders’s example? From October 7 to October 10, he attended SpringOne Platform (S1P) in Austin, Texas.

This event, hosted by Pivotal, is oriented mostly on two topics: The Pivotal Platform and Spring Boot. But, Erwin reports, though the event itself was primarily focused on Java apps, it featured Kotlin as well. In this article, he will share highlights and new developments from SpringOne Platform.


“S1P features a mainstage, where daily the most important topics are covered for everyone. The biggest highlight was the coming of Kubernetes to Pivotal Application Services (PAS), allowing full integration of Kubernetes deployments with the platform. Read more at: https://content.pivotal.io/blog/pivotal-brings-the-magic-of-cf-push-to-kubernetes.

Besides this, the mainstage also featured some of the US biggest IT companies. They talked about their cloud strategies using the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and Spring boot. The most interesting talk for me personally was Netflix’s talk about their migration to Spring Boot on PCF. And how PCF and Spring Boot allowed a company like Netflix to speed up development and allow their developers to focus on what matters: delivering code to production.

Last but not least: the rising popularity of start.spring.io. If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, I'd encourage you to check it out!”

Spring Reactive and Data Streaming

“Spring Framework 5 features Reactive Streams, for implementing async communication between APIs and components. Reactive programming allows a developer to build non-blocking applications using async and event-driven patterns. For example, a reactive stack that retrieves data from a database or cache can prevent the HTTP I/O socket from blocking, when the HTTP client is slow by slowing down the data repository until capacity becomes available. With Spring Boot, this can be implemented using Spring WebFlux instead of Spring Web.

Several talks and demos were available during S1P on this topic, most of them implementing data streaming using Apache Kafka or Pivotal's RabbitMQ. I will highlight two of them in my next blog.”

Cloud Native

“Although this is a very abstract topic, it’s also a very interesting movement. What is Cloud Native? The most important conclusion is that Cloud Native means being able to adapt to constant change in environment, variables & requirements.”


Mark it down in your calendar: Next year, SpringOne Platform will be held from September 21 to 24 in Seattle!

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If you want to know more about SpringOne Platform or any of the new developments, don’t hesitate to send Erwin a message at emanders@qualogy.com or @erwin_manders (Twitter).

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