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In my previous blog I told you about the fact that Qualogy has implemented Taleo Business Edition for its performance management cycle. Today I would like to talk about some generic characteristics of Taleo Business Edition (TBE).

The system is hosted in the cloud and can be used for different HR processes: Recruitment, On- and Offboarding, Compensation, Performance Management and Learning. It is easy to give the system your own ‘look-and-feel’ through adding a company logo and adjusting the color scheme used. The system is supported in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Loading of (initial) data is simply done by using a spreadsheet. A true advantage is the fact that TBE offers the possibility to create many custom fields that can be used everywhere throughout the system.

The Recruitment module offers a Career Website that can be branded to match your corporate website. You can create requisitions, have them approved, use social networks to attract candidates, prescreen candidates, setup interviews and the interviewers can provide their feedback on the candidates.

The logical next step is Onboarding. In the Onboarding part of the system you can get your employees up-and-running quickly. The conversion from candidate to employee is smooth and quick, and with the possibility to set up checklists you can make sure that the employee is ready to start his new job on his first day.  Checklists can be configured for Offboarding as well.

The Compensation module supports your organization in budget planning and different types of compensation like base pay adjustments, merit increases and bonus eligibility.

The Performance Management module in TBE has a lot to offer: possibility to set as many review templates as your organization needs, create your own workflow process, allow for 360 degree feedback, setting goals and aligning individual goals to company goals.

For administering and monitoring the development of your employees, you can use the TBE Learn module, and therefore track the learning progress of your staff.

TBE offers a reporting tool called ‘Insight’. A lot of reports are delivered out-of-the-box, which you can tailor if needed. With this tool you can also create custom reports including the custom fields that have been created.

Taleo Business Edition has a separate employee portal. This so-called Employee WebSite (EWS) is a simplified user interface where the employee can view and update his personal profile, his goals, reviews, etc..

As you might know, Oracle offers two ‘editions’ of Taleo: Taleo Business Edition and Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE). Both systems are hosted in the cloud and can be used for the same processes. Taleo Enterprise Edition is part of the Oracle Fusion HCM stack. As TBE is especially developed for small to midsize organizations, the configuration options are less extensive than in TEE. For example, TBE cannot send email messages to employees or managers as an ‘alert’, emails will only be sent if an action by the receiver is required. Also the possibilities for granting user authorizations are less extensive than in TEE. But the less configuration options, the easier it is to setup the system and the faster you are in business!

In my next blog I will elaborate more on Performance Management.

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