The Cloud is Next: colleague Patrick Barel speaks at Tech Experience

The Cloud is Next: Patrick Barel speaks at Tech Experience

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The second Tech Experience will be held on June 7-8 in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. This is the only event that covers the entire Oracle Technology Stack. Four Qualogy colleagues were invited to speak at the conference, including Patrick Barel. What does he expect?

Tech Experience covers a huge range of topics, from DBA to cloud and everything in between. Patrick has high expectations for the event. “I expect it to be an interesting and informative conference. What's really great is the varied programme: DBA, SQL, PL/SQL plus Fusion Middleware, JSF, ADF and lots more.”

The Cloud is Next

The theme of this year's Tech Experience is The Cloud is Next. “Based on the programme, it looks like there will be plenty of cloud-related sessions,” says Patrick. “I expect a lot of information to be offered during the hands-on labs, which give participants the opportunity to try out new cloud products first-hand. Tech Experience will be especially interesting for people who work in the technology sector.”

Patrick hopes to gain new insights in his former field: SQL and PL/SQL. “I'm also looking forward to meeting like-minded people (read: other tech junkies).”

PL/SQL: testing code

Patrick will hold a presentation on Thursday, June 7. “I'll be talking about testing code using Unit Testing. The general technique can be applied to different languages, but my session focuses on PL/SQL. I think my presentation will appeal most to developers and testers. One of the solutions demonstrated doesn't require a single line of code!”

Accuracy first, speed second

Why did Patrick choose this topic? “In my opinion, not enough attention is given to testing code, particularly by developers. That's a shame, given the impressive payback time for this investment. I think potential and existing clients sometimes doubt the accuracy of the delivered programs. My maxim is always: accuracy first, speed second. Accuracy is usually more important than speed.”

Season filled with events

Patrick has a busy season of events and conferences coming up. “I'm hosting a session at the Riga Dev Days 2018 in Latvia before Tech Experience. And immediately after Tech Experience I'll be speaking at KScope18 in Orlando with Menno Hoogendijk. It'll be great to see old friends again. I can't wait!”

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