Webinar – React: State Management

Webinar – React: State Management

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Join our React Webinar on YouTube | 20-05-2020 | 16.00

Do you want to learn how to build something with React? How updating data can update the front-end real time through ‘state management’? Managing state is arguably the hardest part of any application. It’s why there are so many state management libraries available and more come around every day. But, which one suits your needs best?

Qualogy organizes this webinar to give you a better understanding of what state management is. Additionally, you will learn how to implement it in React. By doing code challenges you will be introduced to multiple solutions for managing state, including: Context API, Redux and MobX. The webinar is presented by Senior Frontend Developer Lars Straathof. Register via the link below. After registration you will receive the YouTube link. 

    To be able to follow the webinar you need some basic knowledge of JavaScript. If you need a refresh, be sure to watch these videos:

    This webinar includes:

    • An online live stream through YouTube
    • Interaction (questions in live chat box)
    • Coding challenges
    • Live coding
    • Examples

    To follow along you will need:

    • NPM and/or Yarn installed
    • Visual Studio Code (or other IDE you like with command line access)
    • A clone of this GitLab Repo with the starting files


    Join our online React webinar. Please register here or send an email to communication@qualogy.com.

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    1. om 18:06

      Hallo Lars,

      ik heb je repo gecloned van de React State management webinar.Voor de 1e opdracht wil ik in de react-parcel app voor de Counter oefening react-bootstrap gebruiken en dan een leukere button ipv de standaard html. Ik heb react-bootstrap geinstalleerd, maar krijg de Button component niet te zien.

      import {Button} from 'react-bootstrap';
      <Button variant='primary'>...</Button>
      toont een kale html button.
      Enig idee wat hier mist?