Fullstack Software Engineer Xiaochen from Beijing found her place at Qualogy in Rijswijk

Xiaochen from Beijing found her place at Qualogy

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Xiaochen Zhang (35) works as a Fullstack Software Engineer for Qualogy since 2015. She helps various organizations with her expertise. “Software, numbers, math, physics, and logic have always interested me. Amazing that I get to make a career out of it.”

Xiaochen grew up in Beijing and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering at the Beijing University of Technology in 2007. She moved to Europe in the same year. Xiaochen: “I really wanted to continue my education, so I applied for a scholarship and continued my study as Master of Science in the Embedded Software Development at the University of Southern Denmark.”

“I found the study I was looking for in The Netherlands” Xiaochen Zhang

From Denmark to The Netherlands

After completing her master in 2010, Xiaochen had to face the choice: do I stay in Denmark or go to another country? She chose the latter. Xiaochen: “I found the study I was looking for in The Netherlands. At the faculty ‘Robotics & Mechatronics’ at the University Twente, I studied mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering.

Working for Qualogy

In 2015, Qualogy came into the picture. “I uploaded my CV on a job board. Qualogy approached me and asked if I was interested in a job as a Fullstack Software Engineer. Because I was at the start of my career, I took a chance. During the job interview, it immediately felt right.”

“Qualogy’s international team appealed to me” Xiaochen Zhang

Scrum team

As a Fullstack Software Engineer, Xiaochen is part of Qualogy Solutions, Qualogy’s innovative branch with a focus on software development and Data Science. Xiaochen: “I work in a scrum team. We start every day with a stand-up. We update each other on what we did yesterday, what are we going to do today, and if there are any impediments. Then we get to work.”  

Working with new technologies

Xiaochen continues: “One of the best projects I got to work on was for Rijkswaterstaat. We developed an application where Rijkswaterstaat can easily see their data and manage the Dutch’ waterways. The data consisted mostly of information about bridges and locks. For this project, we used amongst others Graph Database, Spring Framework and Web Components. It was challenging to work with, because the data model is very complex and we have to make sure all systems work together. It was also really special to work for a government authority (for the first time).”

“All these diverse cultures really make you look at things differently” Xiaochen Zhang

Various perspectives

With many different nationalities, Qualogy’s colleagues are from every corner of the world. Countries like Romania, India, South Africa, Suriname, United States, and Venezuela. Xiaochen: “All these diverse cultures really make you look at things differently. I like that. It’s often an eye-opener.”

Motherhood and work

Recently, Xiaochen has to combine her job with being a mother. “It took some getting used to in the beginning, because this is my first child. Instead of 5, I now work 4 days every week. I get a lot of support from Qualogy. For example, my colleagues from Office Management provided me with a ‘nursing room’. It’s nice they’re so involved and helpful.”

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