Hackathon: discover the opportunities of big data

Artificial intelligence and big data are helping companies, industries and governments become more innovative. Does your organization have the ambition to become more data-driven? Do you have data but do not know where to start?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to become more data-driven!
Participate free of charge in the 'QChallenge', where competing teams discover the hidden value of your data.

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For who?

If your company:

  • is interested in innovation, data science and analytics.
  • faces a data driven challenge with a clear scope, but doesn't have inhouse expertise on data science.
  • is convinced data is the future, but finds it challenging to convince stakeholders and managers of the added value.
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What is QChallenge?

During the QChallenge-hackathon several teams develop a data driven solution for your challenge. The 2-day hackathon is held at the Startup Village, in the Science Park in Amsterdam. The challenge is a collaboration between Qualogy, Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Amsterdam Data Science (ADS).

Startup Village, Science Park 608
1098 XH, Amsterdam

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How does it work?

Have an idea for a challenge? Submit it via the registration form below and compete to find your idea at the center of our hackathon on October 12th and 13th, 2018.

Have you enrolled the winning challenge? Together we can determine the scope of the challenge and select the data sources. After that, we will talk about preferences for programming languages, tool sets and delivery.

Registration form QChallenge
Download the terms and conditions
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Need help?

Do you want to make use of data driven solutions in dealing with your challenges? But you do not know where to start? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which challenges do my company, community or customers face?
  • What would I want to predict or understand?
  • What has the greatest impact (ROI) and feasibility?

Still need help, extra information or inspiration to define your challenge? Please fill out the form below and get started!

Request a complimentary call and get started!
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About Qualogy Data Solutions

Qualogy Data Solutions is part of IT service provider and tech innovator Qualogy. For twenty years we have used technological know how to tackle business challenges of organizations. We use this know-how to tailor custom solutions that add value to your business. In short, we reinforce businesses using technology.