Social responsibility

At Qualogy, we feel connected to the people and the world around us. We therefore support various charities, as well as social initiatives developed by our colleagues.

Platinum Honorary Donator SSA

Surinamese Students Abroad (SSA) is an association of and for Surinamese students in the Netherlands. One of the issues important to the association is to reduce the gap between business and students. SSA also wants to increase the involvement of high educated Surinamese students in social issues. The SSA has initiated crowdfunding programs to retain accreditation for studies in Suriname. For the accreditation of the Mechanical Engineering study Qualogy supported the SSA with a donation of 1000 euros.

Muskathlon: a marathon for charity

This September, our colleague Robert Speelman will participate in the Muskathlon: a charity marathon held in Ecuador. All proceeds go to the Compassion foundation, which is committed to improving education, nutrition, clothing and medical care for children. Qualogy is donating 5,000 euros to this excellent initiative. Robert also participated in the Muskathlon in Uganda in 2013 and Ethiopia in 2014.



Dam to Damloop: a charity run for children in Kenia

In 2014, our colleague Rob Wolthuis participated in the Dam tot Damloop, running 16 kilometers for charity. The proceeds were donated to Macheo Children's Centre, a home for orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kenyan city of Thika. Qualogy proudly sponsored Rob in this event.



IJM sponsorship

International Justice Mission (IJM) is committed to fighting the violence faced by people living in extreme poverty. This violence takes the form of modern slavery, human trafficking for the sex industry and illegal land expropriation. IJM collaborates with local authorities to help victims of violence. 

IJM also helps victims recover on a physical, psychological, economic and social level and helps prosecute offenders and strengthen the legal system. Qualogy is proud to support this initiative and decided to help one of its colleagues acquire sponsors.