#OOW2019 report Alfonso Díaz

#OOW2019 report Alfonso Díaz

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A fantastic experience: my first visit to Oracle OpenWorld, Code One and San Francisco. I really enjoyed every moment. The event was organized really well, at an interesting location with a lot of fun events besides the conference. And I discovered a few interesting developments in my field of expertise: Java Development. I’d like to tell you more in this review.

My area of expertise is Java Development, so my focus was mostly on Code One. I noticed pretty quickly that the majority of the event was focused on Open World. This was visible by the number of sponsors, presentations and reserved space for stands. I did find a few interesting developments in my field, thought. I will list the most important ones down below.

Interesting Java Development news

Launch Java 13
The latest version of Java went live during the conference. Several interesting ‘language features’ make Java 13 much more elegant.

Autonomous Linux
Amazing and scary at the same time. I’m curious how Oracle is going to manage this, together with RedHat and the Linux-kernel development.

MicroProfile framework
There was a lot of attention on the MicroProfile framework. I expect more developments for this framework, so it’ll become a good alternative to SpringBoot. The framework is standardized and supported by multiple sellers.

JDK implementations
There was also a lot of attention for the JDK implementations.

How can this help our customers?

These developments respond to our customers’ needs. The applications we build at Qualogy Solutions will become more future-proof and less dependent on specific sellers. I attended a few presentations about the security of applications with JWT and MicroProfile. At the moment, we’re implementing this in 2 different projects at Qualogy.

Horizon Guild

Besides the conference and a visit to the city’s highlights, I had many good discussions with my colleagues about the future of IT. The majority of the colleagues in San Francisco are also members of Qualogy’s Horizon Guild. The Guild consists of a group of employees from Qualogy who periodically meet up to brainstorm about the direction of the company. We had tons of interesting discussions about how to improve our SIGs, share knowledge, and which technologies we’re going to use, among other things.

Discovering San Francisco

Other than my visit to the conference, I had a few days to discover San Francisco. Together with my colleague Patrick Barel, I visited Alcatraz. Maria Colgan from Oracle (the project manager of the Autonomous Database) gave us a tour of the Oracle main office. Very impressive.

More information?

For more information about Java Development, contact me at adiaz@qualogy.com.

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