#OOW2019 report Eduardo Barra Cordeiro

#OOW2019 report Eduardo Barra Cordeiro

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My first visit to Oracle OpenWorld exceeded all my expectations. It was an amazing week, where I got to meet a lot of new people. You meet so many colleagues and peers, you don’t know where to look first. I discovered many new things that I’ll immediately get to work on.

An important goal for my visit was: getting to know new people from the Oracle community. Because I believe that everything starts with a good, mutual relationship. Cooperation is so much easier when you personally know each other. And that expectation has been more than met! 

Establish contacts

Because I talked to so many people, I now know the international Oracle community a lot better. Additionally, I attended as many sessions and lectures in my fields of expertise (SOA and Integration) as possible. I also delved into the ‘product roadmaps’ and their corresponding vision for the future. Very interesting and informative to discuss these afterwards with my peers and colleagues from Qualogy.

Interesting news

Developments within Oracle happen fast, so it’s important to stay up to date. Personally, I think Oracle’s alliances with companies like Azure and VMWare are a positive development. They benefit everyone.

In my own field: a lot of new functions, such as the portal, will be available in OIC as of November. It was redesigned and refined with the help of Oracle Jet. Furthermore, the ‘executions agents’ will be available next year. For our customers who use OIC: the new design improves the user-friendliness and the available applications.

Some relaxation

Besides being completely ‘submerged’ in Oracle, there was also time to visit San Francisco with colleagues. A nice little extra. After a visit to the famous highlights like Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San Francisco, we also visited the Oracle main office. To conclude, we went to the new Chase Center Arena and attended concerts of John Mayer and Flo Rida!

Read more about my professional #OOW2019 insights in my report! For more information, contact me: ecordeiro@qualogy.com. 

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