#OOW2019 report Patrick Barel

#OOW2019 report Patrick Barel

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My first visit to Oracle OpenWorld and San Francisco was amazing. It was also my first trip as an Oracle ACE Director. Exciting, because it allowed me to attend the ACE Director briefing. During the event, I discovered a few interesting developments in my field that I’d like to share with you.

The event was overwhelming. I only noticed how big it was when I visited OpenWorld on the first day. Previous conferences had a maximum of three thousand visitors. There are between twenty and fifty thousand people at OpenWorld. Daily. Luckily, I knew exactly what I came for, so I could take a seat at the presentations I wanted to visit.

New insights

As a Database Developer, I’m always very curious about new developments in my field. For me, the most important news at Oracle OpenWorld was: a free version of the Autonomous Database is available, right now. This will allow me to ‘play and program’ and discover how everything works. When I have the time, I will make a few new applications and try them out.

Another development pleasantly surprised me. Since Oracle 12, we have known that the ‘Single Instance’ database will disappear. From Oracle 20 onwards, it won’t be available at all. The good news is that now you can merge three pluggable databases in one container database, without needing the Multitenant option. It considerably reduces costs.

Actualities in the coming months

Furthermore, something interesting is going to happen at the beginning of 2020: the Oracle Database 20c with Blockchain tables will be released. This will make it a lot easier to build Blockchain applications. There will also be a Binary JSON Datatype, making it easier to work in JSON files.

Additionally, I expect a lot from the possibility to use the Oracle Database for Persistent Memory, a new innovation from Intel. This won’t happen immediately in the upcoming months, but if the solution is completely up and running, it will make your database’s performance much better.


Of course I marveled at everything at Oracle OpenWorld and in San Francisco. For example, what I’m immediately going to use at my job is the Hands-On-Lab from the Oracle Big Data SQL. If you use this cleverly, you’ll work so much easier in a Kafka stream. I’m going to figure this out in the coming months.
Luckily, it wasn’t all work and no play in San Francisco. On Friday before Oracle OpenWorld, I went into the city with my colleague Alfonso Dìaz. We visited Chinatown and Lombard Street. And we did an Alcatraz tour. Very impressive. Especially when you see what life was like in the prison and how little space the prisoners had.

All in all, Oracle OpenWorld 2019 was a beautiful experience. I gained a lot of new insights and ideas. If you still have questions after my report, please don’t hesitate to contact me at pbarel@qualogy.com.

Patrick Barel
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