Qualogy at the 2016 Human Capital Think Tank

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Qualogy at the 2016 Human Capital Think Tank

April 28 the 2016 Human Capital Think Tank will be held in Washington DC. An intimate group of executives will join for breakfast and a morning of learning. This year's theme: Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics. Our colleague Gudron van der Wal was asked to take the stage at 08:40am. 

At the Human Capital Think Tank executives will explore cutting edge content through a panel presentation, a topical keynote and interactive round table discussions with peers. They will discuss how analytics can be leveraged for more precise visibility to predict and plan organizational performance, gain cross-functional insights for a productive workforce and optimize HR's contribution to the business.

Strategic workforce planning

Gudron van der Wal is member of the management team at Qualogy and Director & Creative Technology Officer of Forceview, a solution built by Qualogy which provides organizations insight into their strategic HR planning in one user-friendly application.

More information?

Read more about the 2016 Human Capital Think Tank or about Forceview.

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