Qualogy’s Tech Series met Abi Giles-Haigh: Football (soccer) analytics – lets deep dive

Webinar: football (soccer) analytics – lets deep dive

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We organiseren een nieuwe reeks live webinars: Qualogy’s Tech Series. Met presentaties van tech-experts uit verschillende kennisgebieden. De presentaties zijn via Zoom te volgen en starten om 16.00 uur. Woensdag 16 maart geeft Abi Giles-Haigh haar presentatie ‘Football (soccer) analytics – lets deep dive’.

Let op: de presentatie van Abi is in het Engels.


Is it possible to watch a football (soccer) game and design a dashboard to show what happens - well we're about to find out through Oracle Data Science, ADW and OAC.

The world of football is exciting and intriguing, but what does the data tell us? More importantly how do we convert what we see into that data to be presented through the standard dashboard we all love to see. In this session we will take a whistle stop tour from football dashboards through to deep learning python extracting that data from video input. The session will focus on Oracle Data Science (OCI), ADW and OAC.

About Abi Giles-Haigh

Dr. Abi Giles-Haigh is the Chief Data Science Office at Vertice. She has over 10 years' experience working with data from database management, report writing and advanced analytics. Previously she was part of the Data Analytics Team at the NHSBSA identifying savings and improving patient care. She is an Oracle Ace Director, a technical evangelist in the field of AI/ Machine Learning. She holds a PhD in Computational Modelling and a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, from Newcastle University.

Connect with Abi via LinkedIn.

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