Qualogy’s Tech Series met Luiza Nowak: how to make better tech presentations

Webinar: how to make better tech presentations

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We organiseren een nieuwe reeks live webinars: Qualogy’s Tech Series. Met wekelijks een live webinar van een tech-expert. De presentaties zijn via Zoom te volgen en starten om 16.00 uur. Woensdag 26 januari geeft Luiza Nowak haar presentatie ‘How to make better tech presentations’.

Let op: de presentatie van Luiza is in het Engels.

Abstract presentation

As a slide designer and a co-founder of a company which prepares professional presentations, I had a chance to see many mistakes in public speaking (especially in the visualization part*). You can notice this problem not only in the IT area, but in this special field people think that their slides:

a) are not so relevant so they can just use tragic bullet points

b) could not be improved, because they are no experts in graphic design.

It’s not true. Good visualization  (and by good I don't mean pretty) always helps and we don't need advanced graphic skills to prepare it. In this speech I will tell you where to start.

*Yes, also connected with SQL, PL/SQL, RAC, Low Level Tracing and other funny names.

About Luiza Nowak

You might know me as Luiza from POUG – I am a V-President of Polish Oracle User Group. But in my other, not-so-secret life I work in the marketing and communication industry. Since 2015, I have been strongly connected to the presentation world – I’ve designed thousands of slides, trained hundreds of groups, and spoken at dozens IT and marketing conferences. I have worked with companies like PepsiCo, Danone, InterMarche, Volkswagen and prepared managers, CEO’s and specialists on almost every level for their business and private talks.

Connect with Luiza via Twitter.

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