Qualogy’s Tech Series with Grant Ronald: how we build REAL conversational assistants at Oracle

Webinar: how we build REAL conversational assistants at Oracle

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We organiseren een nieuwe reeks live webinars: Qualogy’s Tech Series. Met wekelijks een live webinar van een tech-expert. De presentaties zijn via Zoom te volgen en starten om 16.00 uur. Woensdag 19 januari geeft Grant Ronald zijn presentatie ‘How we build REAL conversational assistants at Oracle’.

Let op: de presentatie van Grant is in het Engels.

Abstract presentation

The ability to talk, or converse in natural language to computer systems is the stuff of Sci-fi.  Yet, it is more and more becoming pervasive in our homes with devices such as Alexa and Google Home.  And at Oracle we are on the same journey.  How cool would it be to say "Oracle, book me Monday off" then "Can you create a $40 expense for lunch at Denny's yesterday" following by "Can you spin me up a database".  All from one assistant.

In this session I'll talk and demo you through how we are building REAL conversational assistants - not a "pizza bot demo" but assistants we've been working on to push the boundaries of how conversations can benefit the enterprise space.

About Grant Ronald

Grant Ronald is a Senior Director of Product Management within Oracle's Digital Assistant development team responsible for all things conversational at Oracle and is passionate about conversational excellence in digital assistants.

At Oracle Grant focuses on training, enabling, and guiding our internal teams and external customers as well leading a team of technical specialists who work on engagements, escalations and high-profile implementations of digital assistants.  He also leads the digital assistant center of excellence, prompting base practices in conversation design, natural language training and implementations.

Whilst Grant has been doing "all things conversational" for the past 7 years at Oracle, previously he has been a lead for Oracle Mobile Cloud, Java and Oracle Forms, and has just reached his 25th anniversary at Oracle.

In a life before Oracle he took the traditional development career path, building military email systems, focusing primarily on user interface development.

Connect with Grant via email or LinkedIn.

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