Qualogy’s Tech Series met Keith Laker: introduction to solving SQL problems with MATCH_RECOGNIZE

Introduction to solving SQL problems with MATCH_RECOGNIZE

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We organiseren een nieuwe reeks live webinars: Qualogy’s Tech Series. Met wekelijks een live webinar van een tech-expert. De presentaties zijn via Zoom te volgen en starten om 16.00 uur. Woensdag 2 februari geeft Keith Laker zijn presentatie ‘Introduction to solving SQL problems with MATCH_RECOGNIZE’.

Let op: de presentatie van Keith is in het Engels.

Abstract presentation

Oracle Database provides a completely new native SQL syntax that allows you to implement a core set of rules to define patterns in sequences (streams of rows). This presentation will provide a detailed review of the new keywords that make up the new MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause. It will layout a simple four step approach to writing pattern matching queries based around the main key words. A live demonstration will show how easy it is to write and amend MATCH_RECOGNIZE statements.

At the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Understand how to use the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause
  • Have a good understanding of the main keywords
  • Understand how SQL pattern matching can solve common business and technical problems
  • Compare and contrast existing pre-12c SQL code with MATCH_RECOGNIZE statements

About Keith Laker

Keith is Product Manager for Autonomous Database and Analytic SQL with extensive experience of data warehouse and business intelligence having worked in a variety of roles, including: post sales consultancy, customer support and product management. Worked in a number of locations across Europe and US.

He works with Oracle for almost 20 years. In consulting, support, on-site Premium Support, and now product management. Currently he is part of ST Data Warehouse Product Management team, providing PM support to DW focused sales and Consulting services organization to help ensure the successful and effective delivery of DW solutions.

Connect with Keith via Twitter.

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