Common Barriers to Implementing ML and AI in Large Corporations

Common Barriers to Implementing ML and AI in Large Corporations

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  1. om 13:01

    Hi mr Shetty, sincere thank you for the article. Just a thought. In pushing for any generic change or innovation project - do we not always see these 2 items (follower mindset/quick wins focus)? Can we change the perception and make use of them to drive the change/innovation journey succesfully? Maybe focus on people that are ready to deploy the change+ a quick win focus initially is actually the best recipe for a succesfull AI/ML journey? Again thank you for your article.

  2. om 16:04

    Dear Mr. Klaassens,
    Thanks for your comments.
    I think smaller and/or younger companies may avoid these issues. Indeed, one underlying cause is the perception - changing the culture within large companies may be necessary to streamline the implemention of AI/ML. The whole organization needs to facilitate those who are implementing the changes, but this might require a change in the mindset. I think the more these issues are discussed, the more likely we can facilitate this transformation.

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