Exalogic V2. Available on E-Delivery

Exalogic V2. Available on E-Delivery

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Some weeks ago I noted that there was a new version of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud software available on Oracle E-Delivery. It turns out this was actually a prerelease version. It’s been updated to version last week, prior to the official announcement of “Exalogic 2.0” on July 25th.

Figure 1 : new EECS version is available on e-Delivery

As can be seen in figure 1, only Exalogic Control, the base template for VM’s and the utilities have been updated, the base image for the compute nodes themselves is unchanged by the looks of it.

Funny enough, the runMe.sh script included is now updated as well, and now looks very much like I suggested in my post!

  1. [root@qnlexaxxx zipfiles]# <strong>cat runMe.sh
  2. </strong>#!/bin/sh
  3. #
  4. # Copyright (c) 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  5. #
  6. cat el_x2-2_control_2. \
  7. el_x2-2_control_2. \
  8. el_x2-2_control_2. \
  9. el_x2-2_control_2. \
  10. el_x2-2_control_2. \
  11. el_x2-2_control_2. \
  12. el_x2-2_control_2. \
  13. el_x2-2_control_2. &gt; el_x2-2_control_2.

When unpacked, we find there’s new versions of the VM images that consitute Exalogic Control :

[root@qnlexaxxx ELcontrol]# ls

el_x2-2_db_template_2.  el_x2-2_emoc_template_2.  el_x2-2_ovmm_template_2.

I hope to post more on Exalogic Control soon.

Publicatiedatum: 31 juli 2012

Jos Nijhoff
Over auteur Jos Nijhoff

Jos Nijhoff is an experienced Application Infrastructure consultant at Qualogy. Currently he plays a key role as technical presales and hands-on implementation lead for Qualogy's exclusive Exalogic partnership with Oracle for the Benelux area. Thus he keeps in close contact with Oracle presales and partner services on new developments, but maintains an independent view. He gives technical guidance and designs, reviews, manages and updates the application infrastructure before, during and after the rollout of new and existing Oracle (Fusion) Applications & Fusion Middleware implementations. Jos is also familiar with subjects like high availability, disaster recovery scenarios, virtualization, performance analysis, data security, and identity management integration with respect to Oracle applications.

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