First Applications templates for Exalogic virtual datacenter released

First Applications templates for Exalogic virtual datacenter released

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While we are eagerly awaiting the next version/patchset of the Exalogic virtual datacenter (dubbed Navstar) to come out, there’s some exciting news on the applications front.

Yesterday, not one but three Oracle applications (demo) templates were released especially for the virtualized Exalogic stack: the E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Vision template was quickly followed later in the day by the PeopleTools 8.52.10 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 templates. Apart from the Exalogic Guest Base template which provides your (very) basic Oracle Linux 5.6 installation these are the first “Exalogic-ready” templates to come out.
The templates can be found in the Linux/VM subsection of Oracle E-Delivery.

I am curious to see if a Siebel template is to follow soon, being the only one of the four “classic” Oracle applications missing from the list. And boy, wouldn’t it be great to see templates for some Fusion Apps product pillars too!
How can these templates be put to use?
These templates can be imported into the Exalogic Control management layer and the vServers (virtual machines) instantiated from them will be able to make use of the Exalogic’s Infiniband fabric (dubbed “Exabus”) through single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV). Though these are technically not yet Oracle virtual assemblies (OVAB) this is a great step forward.
The templates provide a great way to standardize installations and of course to get these applications up and running in your Exalogic virtual datacenter very quickly. This reduces the need for lengthy installation procedures and accompanying expertise. Also the installations contained in the templates appear to carry some Exalogic specific tuning.
The E-Business Suite template download contains two vServer images, one for the Application server part and one for the Database part with the complete 220 Gb+ Vision 12.1.3 database  (yes, you have read this correctly).
More information on the E-Business Suite templates can be found on Steven Chan’s blog here. I will download and deploy some of these templates myself and report on my experiences in a later blogpost.

Publicatiedatum: 16 november 2012.

Jos Nijhoff
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Jos Nijhoff is an experienced Application Infrastructure consultant at Qualogy. Currently he plays a key role as technical presales and hands-on implementation lead for Qualogy's exclusive Exalogic partnership with Oracle for the Benelux area. Thus he keeps in close contact with Oracle presales and partner services on new developments, but maintains an independent view. He gives technical guidance and designs, reviews, manages and updates the application infrastructure before, during and after the rollout of new and existing Oracle (Fusion) Applications & Fusion Middleware implementations. Jos is also familiar with subjects like high availability, disaster recovery scenarios, virtualization, performance analysis, data security, and identity management integration with respect to Oracle applications.

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