Test: converting Oracle forms to ADF with QAFE

Test: converting Oracle forms to ADF with QAFE

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Qualogy has developed a tool to convert Oracle Forms to ADF: Qafe Oracle ADF Conversion Wizard. I converted two forms as a test case.

The forms that I converted are used by the service desk, to create an order for a client if the client might call the service desk, in order to create an order by phone. This usually happens in case of a problem with ordering via the website. In one of these forms, the service desk can search for the client, and in then the address of this client is used in the order form, to fill in an order containing several items.

I followed the steps from this page to install the necessary software, which is JDK7 and QAML Builder. The QAML Builder is an add-on in Eclipse. Although on a Windows 7 laptop I had problems installing Eclipse against a 64-bit JDK. So I installed 32-bit. I also had problems with an old JAVA HOME, which I had to remove from my system variables.

Then I followed the steps from this page to do the conversion. After changing the coordinate system to pixel, I started the conversion and selected the Oracle Forms and PLL’s that I wanted to convert.

After the conversion I opened the project in JDeveloper, and I could run the landing page, using internal Weblogic. The landing page mainly consists of a page with a single icon.

After clicking on this icon, I could see several pages, of which two pages looked like my forms. The fields where a bit in a different location than on the forms, so that needs manual adjustment. On one of the forms, the input fields where grid cells, and needed to be reset to input fields. Just one click per field. was sufficient to do that There was a button to jump from the order form to the client-search form, but it didn’t work yet. This is manual work to create a new button, jumping to another jsf-page.

And there was no commit created in ADF to commit the order. Also, to bring the address from the search form to the order form, still needed to be programmed, as well as some lookups. But a lot worked immediately. Especially the search form almost only needed a layout improvement, but not so much more.

So all together I think this is a great way to get started with the transformation from Oracle forms to ADF, and a big deal is already in place in the ADF project. Still the programmer needs to finish the project in order to make it work the same as it was, but the converter is a big plus.

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    How about the custom validation or customizations on the forms. Will it carry that too?

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