Oracle Management Cloud

Staying in control of your IT systems

Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) is a suite of next-generation integrated monitoring, management and analytics solutions delivered as a service on Oracle Cloud.

Solutions Architect and Oracle ACE Michel Schildmeijer is a big fan: ‘Oracle Management Cloud helps our clients manage their IT systems without the need for integrated monitoring tools. This robust cloud-based solution is platform-independent, which means it can be used with a wide range of technologies and models, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and on-premise applications. OMC is particularly effective in terms of security analytics.'

Monitor, analyse and interpret

Oracle Management Cloud is a platform of integrated cloud services that allows you to monitor, analyse and interpret unstructured log and runtime data. It optimizes monitoring by leveraging machine learning and big data techniques to help prevent application outages, increase DevOps agility and harden data security.

Michel: ‘With Oracle Management Cloud, you can proactively detect bottlenecks and security threats and predict peak loads early on so you can take the necessary steps.’

Visit our Oracle Management Cloud-meetup

Qualogy invites you our Oracle Management Cloud-meetup on a date still to be determined. Solutions Architect and Oracle ACE Michel Schildmeijer extensively discusses the various components of Oracle Management Cloud (OMC). He also shares new knowledge and insights gained at the Analytics and Data Summit in California. The meetup is held at Qualogy’s office in Rijswijk and is free to visit.