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Qualogy Data Science delivers data driven solutions and products we are proud of. Our Data Scientists are multidisciplinary by trade, flexible by experience and creative by nature. We use Scrum and Agile methods which guarantees a predictable and high-quality process in clear sprints. We believe in being reliable, innovative and collaborative. 

Football Analytics

Qualogy developed FPAD, Football Performance Analysis Dashboard, in close collaboration with the Royal Dutch Football Association and the Sports Data Center at Leiden University.

The application displays the player positions and the ball as moving dots on an interactive dashboard. Using smart algorithms, the moving dots are transformed into a large number of time-varying performance indicators relevant to coaches and technical staff. 

Tools and technologies

We provide knowledge and insights by using the right algorithms on the right environments. We are tool agnostic and use multiple platforms to adapt to our client needs, infrastructure and budget. 

Tools and technologies

Some of our members

  • Erwin Visser
    Erwin Visser Data Scientist
  • Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez Data Scientist
  • Amor Frans
    Amor Frans Data Scientist
  • Steven Sharma
    Steven Sharma Manager Qualogy Solutions
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At Qualogy Data Science we understand the importance of partnerships to increase the use and understanding of data science. Within companies and government, by enabling access to tools, approaches and innovative technology. 

Qualogy collaborated with diverse industrial and academic partnerships along its history. 


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