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Front-end Development

The Front-end Developers at Qualogy develop functionally programmed (web) applications that perfectly match our clients’ high expectations.

They bring designs to life. Through (web) applications that are always available everywhere: user-friendly and in line with the design of the UX Designer.  

100% up-to-date

This professional arena is developing constantly. Our Front-end Developers are JavaScript experts, 100% up-to-date and they use the latest technologies such as:  

Web components

Scrum & Agile

Qualogy works according to the Scrum and DevOps methods for Agile software development. We are happy to work with other specialists too, such as Backend Developers, DevOps Developers and UX Designers.    

Migration from Polymer to LIT

Qualogy helps the Netherlands’ largest FinTech company migrate from Polymer to LIT. One of the bank’s strategic programs aims to offer a globally scalable banking platform. By simplifying and standardising banking applications using a modular system. Web Components (LIT) aligns seamlessly with this strategy.

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Join Qualogy as Front-end Developer

Want to make an impact and initiate change with your experience, vision and recommendations? Then come and surround yourself with the best professionals and take on complex challenges as Front-end Developer at Qualogy.

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Intrigued how our Front-end Developers improve (web)applications? Or want to get to know ours better? Then contact Jelle Nieuwenhuizen via 070 – 319 50 00 or send Jelle an e-mail to jnieuwenhuizen@qualogy.com.