Choose lightweight apps, micro-services and components that are flexible and intuitive

Java & Web

IT is increasingly shifting towards the internet and the cloud. Heavy applications and servers are making way for lightweight apps, micro-services and components that are both flexible and intuitive.

Qualogy helps organizations transform complex business systems into lightweight web applications. We take over the design, development and maintenance processes and make sure everything works perfectly.

Open source and vendor-specific

We build web applications using proven open-source and vendor-specific technologies and create user-friendly interfaces and stable links to business systems.

Priority: clean code

Clean programming code is essential when developing Java and web applications. That's why we continuously monitor the quality of our code. We test all of our applications for user experience, stability and technique.


The Java and web experts at Qualogy have extensive experience with:
•    Java, J2EE
•    Open Source Java
•    AngularJS (1.X & 2.0)
•    Polymer/ Go
•    Kubernetes
•    Docker
•    CSS (o.a met LESS & SASS)
•    Rich clients/ webapps (i.e.HTML5/CSS3/ES6 as IOS en Android)
•    Acces via REST-api’s / JSON
•    Grunt/ Gulp (frontend development) 

Other technologies include Jenkins continuous delivery, Cucumber automated testing and Sonar code quality monitoring.

    100% Agile

    Qualogy uses Scrum and DevOps methods for its Agile software development. This guarantees a predictable and high-quality development process in clear sprints.

    The proof is in your phone!

    Have a look at your smartphone. You're sure to find at least one app that was developed with the help of Qualogy. Get inspired and contact us to discover the possibilities for your organization.