Web development is moving at a rapid pace. New libraries are constantly replacing older ones: each new one just that little bit better than its predecessor. This is great for developers but presents a challenge to organizations.

Polymer by Google ensures that Web Components are supported in browsers. Browsers do not release updates at the same time and do not work with the same feature sets. Polymer code fills browsers where necessary with polyfills to properly fill out Web Components.

Because our clients cannot run the risk of being dependant on libraries that have breaking changes with each new release and most organizations do not have the expertise to stay up to date with all the developments, Qualogy has in-house Polymer developers and Polymer consultants to support your organization.

Polymer developers from the very start

Our Qualogy specialists have been keeping their finger on the pulse of Polymer since the announcement of Web Components on Google I/O 2012. We have been using this as part of our service since Polymer 0.5. Our Polymer developers and consultants have extensive experience with transitions in various types of organizations.

Our philosophy

We believe that by keeping our standards high and developing from there onwards, we can help our clients to take that first step towards the next generation of applications. Applications that meet web standards and are not at risk in the event of new releases and browser changes.

With this philosophy we want to help clients with their next generation web applications. Applications that are ready for mobile use, that are multilingual, and that are accessible.


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Be inspired by what our Polymer consultants and Polymer developers can do for your organization. Contact Jelle Nieuwenhuizen:

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Qualogy is looking for new members to join the team!

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