Exadata Capacity Planning Service

Exadata Capacity Planning Service

Kees Vianen: Does your organization always want to have sufficient Exadata resources? The Capacity Planning Service of Qualogy reduces the risk of running out of capacity and reduces costs.

Qualogy offers Exadata Capacity Planning for effective monitoring and planning of capacity needs. This service helps ensure that you have sufficient resources as your environment changes.
With historical usage and linear regression techniques, we provide effective trend analysis and forecasting. This will provide multiple benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of running out of resources when needed.
  • Reduce costs: you may be able to delay or even avoid the purchase of new hardware. Forecasts of the user growth will tell you when to order new hardware before your resources are exhausted.

No additional costs

All this comes at no additional license costs, using standard SQL queries and BI Publisher integrated with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. No additional training is needed for customer employees as these are standard tools in nowadays IT departments.

Service onsite

Exadata Capacity Planning is performed by one of our Exadata experts on­site at your location. In one day we will perform the following activities:

  1. Add a fixed set of reports to your Oracle Enterprise Manager environment. Additional reports or customized reports can be created on request (an additional fee applies).
  2. Configure periodic delivery of the reports to relevant stakeholders.
  3. Explain and discuss the outcome of the first report with relevant stakeholders.

Based on the output of this service you can either decide to do your own sizing and planning of the new Exadata environment. Alternatively, Qualogy will be happy to assist you in this.


Oracle Enterprise Manager with BI Publisher installed. Qualogy can assist you to configure BI Publisher if needed.


Qualogy offers this service for a fixed price of € 1.500,- (excluding VAT). The reports will become your ownership and can be adapted by yourself to your own need after we have completed the service.

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact Kees Vianen (Manager Qualogy for Support). He will be happy to share his expertise with you.