Wouter de Waard: APEX is the perfect development tool for creating browser-based applications in Oracle DB. In addition to simplifying the development process, migrating existing applications to APEX can be extremely advantageous. It can help speed up maintenance and create more attractive applications after migration. Pairing this with other technologies can help organizations achieve even more business benefits.

Soft landing

Are you interested in using APEX? Qualogy uses a proven approach to effectively convert Forms applications to APEX applications. This approach converts the screens and implements functional changes in one go. The new APEX solution can run alongside existing Forms applications in both the short and long term to create a 'soft landing', as it were, for your organization.

The new specifications are documented in Jira Agile and saved in the cloud for instant access to the project status, anytime and anywhere.

APEX is also the perfect development tool for those who prefer to work exclusively in the cloud. It allows for a seamless transition to cloud applications in cloud form and hybrid form. My colleagues and I have seen this approach quite often when creating new accounting models, from TCO to pay-per-use.

Business advantages

APEX serves as a unifier when combining new technologies. APEX web services can be used to request specific data from external sources and make them available in your local Oracle database. This includes local registry data, international postal codes and customer credit information. There's no need to collect and save this information yourself; instead, you can simply purchase them from a provider.

If you still use APEX 4.2.6 or APEX 5.x we can help you migrate to APEX 18.2. Our job is to ensure that you reap the benefits as quickly as possible, with very little effort on your part.

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to share our experiences with you.