Hasso Schaap: We’ve noticed that organizations want to maximize the value of their data without distinguishing between strategic, tactical and operational data. They also want to seamlessly combine all data with other sources. The focus is shifting towards a new world, with new generations and work methods, a world in which different rules apply in the field of data management and information use. This need for information is placing increasingly larger demands on an organization's information architecture.

Real-time insight into your organization

Whether you focus on performance, transactions, events, resources, consequences or predictions, it all comes down to your ability to exploit your data. Registration, analysis and justification are not enough. You need information to make even the smallest decisions and supporting the decision-making process with information reinforces your gut feeling. Are you ready to provide your clients with all necessary information in every conceivable form? Qualogy looks forward to taking on this challenge with you.

Contributing ideas

We can help you apply new principles for converting data into information. Qualogy goes further than offering standard tools and traditional storage: we cover all analytics processes, applications and products and combine expertise in a unique way. To us, BI involves more than just a customized data warehouse or the implementation of Oracle BI Applications.


In addition to strategic choices, it's important to take the technical possibilities into account. Does your organization need a software package, customized services or tools that allow for data integration and business intelligence like data virtualization, performance management, DataVault, Data Lakes or Advanced Analytics? New forms of visualization and usability are equally important, as is data security and performance.

Personal BI cloud application

We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. Would you like to learn more about the new capabilities of your existing solutions? Qualogy is an expert in the field of big data, cloud solutions and mobile solutions. Your information possibilities are our primary focus. We would be happy to demonstrate our own BI cloud application, which gives our clients a unique understanding of their strategy. This knowledge can then be used to generate new business initiatives and get the most out of existing business processes.

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to share our experiences with you.