Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF

Nico van Roon: Interactive tables, beautiful graphics, pop-up menus and dozens of other components in one innovative application. More of our clients are opting for Oracle ADF, the perfect technology for developing user-friendly applications.

Developing enterprise applications

We recommend using ADF to develop enterprise applications. The front end uses ADF Faces, Oracle's implementation of Java Server Faces. We use these rich JSF components to create an eye-catching user interface and create or rebuild new components, as desired. By styling everything, we can build custom web pages that meet our client's requirements.

Combining smart technologies

ADF involves more than just dragging and dropping components. Dozens of technologies are used, including ADF Business Components, Taskflow, Webservice, Java and XML.

If you use Oracle Forms, discover the online converter by QAFE. This solution allows you to automatically convert Oracle Forms to ADF.

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