Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud

Marc van Hedel: Does your organization want to take client contact to the next level? Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) helps organizations provide their clients with accurate information across all channels.

Streamlined communication

At Qualogy, we know how challenging it can be to provide the same information across all communication channels. The information clients find on the website may differ from the information they receive by phone.

The OSC knowledge database gives all employees access to the same information, regardless of the channel. This information comes from a single source: the central knowledge database, which contains relevant contextual information and answers clients' question quickly and accurately.

Management information

The knowledge database also contains the necessary management information and can help answer questions like, 'Which answers are never shown?' and 'Where do we see information gaps?' It also includes comprehensive reporting tools.

Qualogy helps organizations optimize the Oracle Cloud Service. We offer custom advice and support, develop employee training programs and make sure everything runs smoothly. The knowledge database is updated regularly to ensure its continued success.


In short: OSC helps organizations improve their efficiency. The knowledge database streamlines information throughout the organization and the various integration options equip employees with the tools to help clients quickly and efficiently.

Greater internal efficiency

This efficiency applies to the internal organization as well. Many of our clients use OSC to integrate their customer community. The integration of features like Oracle Policy Automation and Field Service Cloud Service is also on the rise. Field Service Cloud Service helps organizations use up-to-date information to make more efficient plans and schedules for field service engineers (e.g. technicians) and to provide employees with continuous work-related updates.

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