Welcome to Qualogy's Tech Series

We have organised a series of webinars in the first quarter of 2022: Qualogy's Tech Series. Watch the recordings of the webinars on our YouTube channel.

January 12 - Gerald Venzl: Oracle Database for the Developers

This will be an interactive session with the chance to ask one of the leading Oracle Database Product Managers where the journey will continue for Oracle Database and the developers building great new systems with it!


January 19 - Grant Ronald: How we build REAL conversational assistants at Oracle

Grant shows how Oracle is building REAL conversational assistants to push the boundaries of how conversations can benefit the enterprise space.


January 26 - Luiza Nowak: How to make better tech presentations

As a slide designer and a co-founder of a company which prepares professional presentations, Luiza had a chance to see many mistakes in public speaking (especially in the visualization part). 

February 2 - Keith Laker: Introduction to solving SQL problems with MATCH_RECOGNIZE

This presentation will provide a detailed review of the new keywords that make up the new MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause.


February 9 - Patrick Barel: A collection is a collection, no matter how small

This session will show a bit of history on collections in the Oracle Database, but also some use-cases of them in the modern versions of the database. 


February 16 - Jos Nijhoff: 10 things you should know about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Jos explains what makes OCI different from other Clouds. He will highlight some cool new services and recent feature updates.


March 16 - Abi Giles-Haigh: Football (soccer) analytics - lets deep dive

In this session we will take a whistle stop tour from football dashboards through to deep learning python extracting that data from video input. The session will focus on Oracle Data Science (OCI), ADW and OAC.

March 30: Michel Schildmeijer - OpenSource monitoring on an Enterprise grade platform

This session will elaborate how to set up proper monitoring using multiple tools, also in a proactive way where automated monitoring is a must for every application environment.