Data Science Insight #3: Particulate Matter

Data Science Insight #3: Particulate Matter

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Particulate Matter affects people’s health more than any other pollutant. Average yearly Particulate Matter concentrations in the Netherlands have been well below the EU limits for the last few years, although typically above the World Health Organization guidelines. Particulate Matter concentrations generally increase strongly during the winter months. What will happen this coming winter? We will update this interactive visualisation once new data is available, so stay tuned!

Source: RIVM

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Erwin Visser
About the author Erwin Visser

Erwin Visser is Data Scientist at Qualogy. He holds a PhD in Astroparticle Physics from Leiden University, where he searched for neutrinos originating from the Milky Way. Prior to joining Qualogy, Erwin worked as a Data Scientist at an energy startup, applying machine learning techniques to data collected by smart energy meters and solar panels. He has more than five years experience with statistics and analysis of (big) data and is fluent in a wide range of programming languages, including Python, C++ and R. Erwin has a passion for analyzing data and is always eager to learn something new.

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