Data Science Insight #5: Shark Attacks

Data Science Insight #5: Shark Attacks

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Recently, biologist and Dutch celebrity Freek Vonk was attacked and bitten in his arms by a reef shark while scuba diving at the Bahamas. Sharks may bite humans out of curiosity or to defend themselves. Have these attacks become more frequent over the last couple of decades? Where do they occur, and what activities are the victims typically engaged in?

Source: Global Shark Attack File

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Koen Oussoren
About the author Koen Oussoren

In November 2016, I started working as a data scientist at Qualogy. As part of this position, I am responsible for analyzing large volumes of data and developing models to make accurate predictions. These vary from predicting the price of a house on the current housing market to creating recommendation systems that use deep learning. Before I started working for Qualogy, I was a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics (Nikhef). There, I studied the characteristics of the Higgs particle, which was discovered in 2012.

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Comments (2)
  1. om 09:09

    Interessante stats.
    Volgende uitdaging om een volledig beeld te vormen:
    - aantal personen gedood door haaiaanvallen
    - tijdstip van de aanval ('s ochtends, zon ondergang, over dag, nacht, enz)

    Kunnen we soort gelijke stats voor hondebijten ook doen. Nieuwsgierig hoe dit zou vergelijken.

    1. om 09:09

      Zijn deze stats te vergelijken tegen de stijgende temperatuur verschillen in de oceanen?