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Recently I’ve been looking for ways to gain more knowledge on the topic of Data Science, which has been fascinating to me for a while. A colleague pointed out he’d followed an ‘Analytic Edge’-course from the ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’ (MIT), close to the subject on edx.org. Although tough, he stated: “it was really worth the effort”. Both of us decided to be bold, and we enrolled in the MIT-course: ‘Optimization Methods for Business Analytics’

Although the subject of the course wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, I did learn a valuable lesson: the objective of the courses on edx.org is to really give you in depth knowledge on the subject at hand. I was immediately triggered by the opportunities of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), and started 2 new courses. In this blog I hope to persuade you to start or share your own experiences with MOOC.

Data Science Program

The 2 new courses I started are ‘Data Science Orientation’ and ‘Programming with Python for Data Science’. Both are part of a complete Data Science program. When you have programming experience like I do, the courses might start out quite easy. So let’s see what happens when I’m a couple of weeks further. I’ll update this post to keep you informed on the progress.

Free of charge

The courses on edx.org are delivered by all major universities worldwide. And best of all, most of them are free of charge. Participate in a single course or in a complete set of courses. You can go as far as obtaining a ‘micro masters’-degree.

There's a course for everyone

If you are not into Data Science, don’t worry. Edx.org contains all kind of courses. Your initial goal might be acquiring knowledge on a particular subject. But be aware, when you start browsing the website you’ll get more enthusiastic every minute. Courses can be found from learning Italian, to getting insight in Music Technology Basics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Reasons to participate

Are you still hesitant to enroll? Maybe the following reasons will persuade you to start MOOC:

·         It’s fun and mostly free of charge

·         Study everywhere, anytime

·         Instructive and in depth learning on any subject

·         Tutors available for questions

·         Certificate as proof of participation

And, how cool is it to have attended a course at Harvard University, MIT or the University of Groningen?

Share your experiences

Do you also want to broaden your horizon with this unique platform? Let’s share experiences on MOOC! Which course(s) did you choose? Let’s share experiences on MOOC. Leave me a comment below!

Marco Bruining
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Marco is an Oracle consultant at Qualogy.

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