Exalogic virtual datacenter live at qualogy

Exalogic virtual datacenter live at qualogy

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Just a quick post to celebrate another siginificant milestone for Exalogic! After a few days of preparations and some hard work we succeeded in upgrading our Exalogic quarterrack to the newly released Elastic Cloud version This version was just recently released on July 25th. This new version turns your Exalogic into a virtual datacenter with many very neat cloud provisioning capabilities. There are many more possibilities in this version to provide strict network and vServer group isolation where needed and it helps you manage multitenancy and delegate your cloud administration.

How did we fare ?

Apart from some small inconveniences and minor issues I can tell you it all went remarkably well, provided you do proper homework on the prerequisite requirements and you stick to the instructions all the way through (there’s some 37 steps to cover). We as a specialized Exalogic partner had early access to this version and did some early adopter work. As a customer this is all done for you as Oracle will deliver a new Exalogic with this version from the factory if you so desire, or upgrade your current ones. O fcourse, Qualogy can do this for you as well!

It’s the network, stupid !

A special note has to be made on connectivity. As with any professional virtualized environment things need to be A-OK on the networking side before you start. Most of the issues we had were directly related to networking inconsistencies. That’s to be expected, as we are now using many more (virtual) networks based on infiniband partitions, several of which need to go outside to the company network and beyond. As stated earlier, this version provides you with all that’s needed to impose strict isolation where needed and helps you manage multitenancy and delegate cloud administration.

Exalogic Control

Luckily we have a very nice operations center to manage all of these aspects (and much more) in the form of Exalogic Control, on which I”ll post a lot more soon. I published some first impressions on Exalogic here.

I’ll leave you with some very tasty screenshots of our very own Exalogic Control instance that just went live @Qualogy the day before yesterday. So far things are running pretty smoothly…

Figure 1 : Exalogic hardware & software configuration management in Exalogic Control

Figure 2 : Virtual DC view as a delegated admin (for vCloud provisioning and -management) with quota.

Figure 3 : MyCloud on Exalogic – a overview of your designated network configuration.

More blogposts on our hands-on experiences with Exalogic Control soon!

Publicatiedatum: 17 augustus 2012

Jos Nijhoff
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Jos Nijhoff is an experienced Application Infrastructure consultant at Qualogy. Currently he plays a key role as technical presales and hands-on implementation lead for Qualogy's exclusive Exalogic partnership with Oracle for the Benelux area. Thus he keeps in close contact with Oracle presales and partner services on new developments, but maintains an independent view. He gives technical guidance and designs, reviews, manages and updates the application infrastructure before, during and after the rollout of new and existing Oracle (Fusion) Applications & Fusion Middleware implementations. Jos is also familiar with subjects like high availability, disaster recovery scenarios, virtualization, performance analysis, data security, and identity management integration with respect to Oracle applications.

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