Oracle SOA Suite 11g mail configuration not persisting after Weblogic domain restart

Oracle SOA Suite 11g mail configuration not persisting after Weblogic domain restart

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While configuring the email capability of the User Messaging Service in Oracle SOA Suite 11g we encountered issues persisting the configuration. The persistency issue occurred during the configuration of the Outgoing Email Server, one of the Email Driver Properties. Part of the configuration, as depicted below, had been overridden after a restart.

  1. Log into Oracle Enterprise Manager:
  2. Configure the Email Driver Properties:
    User Messaging Service/usermessagingdriver-email

          3. Enter the OutgoingMailServer:

          4. Click Apply (note that a restart is required to start using these settings).
          5. After the restart no emails were sent. Logs reported localhost was still being used as the email server. Moreover, when inspecting the email server configuration from the EM console, we noticed our configuration was wiped clean.


We use separate domain homes for the Admin and the SOA server. When saving the configuration in Enterprise Manager, the configuration files only persisted on the SOA domain. The Admin Server domain was not updated accordingly.

After a restart, the Admin Server configuration is pushed to the SOA managed server domain—in effect overriding the just performed configuration.


Before restarting, copy the configuration changes from the SOA to the admin domain.

  1. Log onto the server using the Linux shell:
    1. Check the configuration on both the admin and SOA domain.
      1. $ADMIN_DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/server/<xxxxx>/applications/ usermessagingdriver-email/configuration/driverconfig.xml
      2. $SOA_DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/server/<xxxxx>/applications/ usermessagingdriver-email/configuration/driverconfig.xml
    2. If the admin domain configuration does not contain a value for, let’s say, the OutgoingMailServer, you can choose to add this manually. Another option is to just copy the configuration file from the SOA into the admin domain.
  2. Restart the server
  3. Verify whether the workflow mailer functions correctly, using Enterprise Manager: Service Engines-> Human Workflow

[1] Oracle Docs on configuring User Messaging Service,

[2] Persisting of Settings in a SOA Suite Enterprise Deployment,

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