Quick, easy and flexible application development: the low-code Mendix platform


Simplify and speed up the development of your mobile and web applications. With Mendix: the low-code platform that will shorten the development time of your business applications up to six times.

Our Mendix specialists are the link between your business and IT. They add value to your organization with high-end and quick business applications. They will use Mendix for, among others:

  • develop business applications
  • automation of current processes
  • replace and extend older systems
  • link external systems
  • replace Excel sheets

Mendix's advantages

There are many advantages to developing business applications in Mendix. The most important one is the short development time: easy applications are achievable within a few weeks. Thanks to pre-engineered widgets, styling, and in-house functionalities. Need custom functionalities? We will add them, using JavaScript.

The roles of our Mendix Consultants

Aside from building business applications, our Mendix Consultant can be deployed as a: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Engineer / Developer, Architect and Technical Lead. We develop applications in Mendix, using Scrum methods.

Get introduced to the Mendix platform

Would you like to know more about the Mendix platform? Our specialists will gladly organize a workshop for you. Making an appointment is easy.

Expanding my low-code knowlegdge as a Mendix Consultant

Elwin Wu shares his experiences as a Mendix Consultant at Qualogy.

More information

Want to know what Mendix can mean for your company? You can contact us at 070 319 5000.

Come and work at Qualogy as a Mendix Consultant

Surprise our (international) customers with the short development time of your tailor-made applications. By using the quick, easy and flexible application development of the Mendix platform.

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